What type of payment modes do you accept?

We are currently accepting all major cards. Apart from this, we also accept bKash. Though we do have our own merchant account for bKash, but we are currently processing all of our payments via our authorized Internet Payment Gateway SSL Commerz.

At this moment, we are not accepting any bank transfer for online booking.

I do not have cards. Can i pay via cash/bank transfer

Sorry! at this moment for online booking, we are ONLY allowing online payments. If you wish to book rooms by cash/bank transfer, please contact with our reservations through the phone numbers given.

Why discounts was not deducted?

No! Actually the system gives you discount based on different deals. When there will be a discount, you will see it a - (negative) figure. And if it's not a discount rather an increase of price, then it will turn into a positive figure.

I failed to pay during order placement. What should i do?

In general your payment should be all the way to success if there is enough balance and if there is no limit in transaction below the invoice figure. However, due to unknown many technical reason, a payment may be failed. Lucky part here is even if the payment is failed, still your order will be placed in our system with PENDING status. In such case we strongly advise  to do one of the following:

  1. Just cancel the order first, before you re-order. If you face difficulty, please do not hesitate to call us. Our team will try the best to help you all the way possible.
  2. There is a bit tricky, but far better way also available. Please scan the QR code (yes! you need your cell phone to be frank) sent to your email. This will land you to payment window of our payment gateway. Please DO NOT forget to enter the ORDER NUMBER for our tracking. The rest part is straight-forward, entering card info and hitting the "payment" button. Once payment is successful, you will see it. Please send a mail to our reservation using the Contact Us form. Please mention in detail about the issue, specially mention the following:
    1. Your Name (the one you used while registration)
    2. Your amount of payment in BDT (Please note: for successful reservation, your transaction amount should be equal to the amount of your invoice.)
    3. Your card's only last 4 digits (Please do not give the full card number, expire dates, CVV/PIN)
    4. Your Card Holder's Name Written on it
    5. Card issuer bank
    6. Card Type (VISA/Mastercard, etc)
    7. Transaction Date
    8. In case of bKash, please give us the Ref No for easy tracking.

You can always contact with via our email/phone numbers for the best support possible in this regard. However, to track your payment faster, we may ask you the above information. Please note, do not share any other info regarding your card/account other than stated above.

General Support
I placed the reservation request but hotel cancelled it. Why?

In general, hotel will not cancel your reservations made online. However, hotel may cancel the online reservation for the following cases:

  • No payment made via Online Payment Gateway during online reservation.
  • Payment failure

In this case, we advise to check your order history for the status said as "PROCESSING" or "PROCESSED" for the specific order number. If you see such, then you have nothing to worry. But if you see "PENDING" this means payment is unsuccessful. We advise you to re-order again or for the best case, contact with hotel. If hotel cancels due to payment failure, your status will turn into "Cancelled" or similar.