• Lunch - Bangla Platter

The Bangla Platter Lunch is one of our promotional food offer which is made just keeping one thing only in mind... To demonstrate our valued and beloved guests about our wholehearted services in a fine dining restaurant.

This lunch comes with the following included in the menu, which is prepared fully considering balanced diet and nutrition:

Rice portion (even more than one can share), Vegetable, Daal, Fish/Chicken/Beef (any one of your choice), Vorta of the day, Dessert of the day, Water. 

Why to spoil your holiday by taking unhygienic food, when you can get the best one at the same cost!

Lunch - Bangla Platter

  • Outlets Curry Leaf
  • Product Code: Lunch - Bangla Platter
  • Availability: 100
  • BDT550.00/=